Pavlounis Consulting (tm) offers professionalservices in the areas of....

1. Internet Commerce (eCommerce)

Provide Web Development and Business Technology Solutions (online stores, operations management, and communications).

2. Education / Training solutions

We offer Internet and classroom education training services. This includes course content creation, delivery, management and support.

3. Business/Systems Analysis

Provide comprehensive business analysis and requirements assessment, and systems analysis to evaluate inefficiencies in system architecture. Offer solutions to improve system effectiveness and cost benefits to meet specific business process requirements.

4. Implementation management

We offer full project life-cycle implementation management. Project, budget, and cost controls, software installation and configuration, database design and creation, user training, system testing, and support services.

5. CRM and CE

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is defined as a software application used to manage company-wide customer interaction. Change Enablement (CE) is the tool within CRM solution implementation which prepares the organization for the changes to come.

5. ERP and ERM

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrates departments and functions onto a single computer system that serves their particular needs. Employee Relationship Management (ERM) encourages and empowers employees to optimize their performance and deliver company or real shareholder value.

Contact us to discuss any of the services we offer and how we can meet your business need now, and in the future.