Welcome to the homepage of Pavlounis Consulting!

My name is Vasilios Pavlounis, founder of Pavlounis Consulting. I am an Information Technology and Business Systems professional with over 15 years industry experience implementing and consulting on business solutions in an array of industries, including Retail, Education, Telecommunications, Media, HR, Insurance, and Banking. For services provided, click the "SERVICES" link.

What We Do

IT is only one element of a solution. Utilization of technology must be applied effectively and efficiently to deliver the desired result. We offer Business Technology Solutions that deliver what is needed and is user-friendly for those who utilize and manage it day-to-day..

E-Learning has grown exponentially throughout the world and will continue to do so. We understand the unique requirements of each learning / educational environment, and implement the best solution to meet current and future needs.

We understand that billions of dollars each year are wasted as a result of poor collaboration within the work environment. We offer cost-effective solutions to foster a collaborative environment that positively impacts productivity and the quality of the product, within an organization.